Saunas in Sydney
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357 Sussex Street
Sydney NSW 2000
38-42 Oxford Street
Darlinghurst NSW 2010
Sydney, Australia
10 Taylor Street
Darlinghurst NSW 2010
Sydney, Australia

A to Z Directory of Gay Saunas in Sydney

Sauna Name Description More
357 357 gay sauna as it has come to be known (real name is Sydney City Steam) is gay owned More
Kingssteam Kingssteam gay sauna is the only gay sauna on Oxford Street and was established in 1974 More
Bodyline Bodyline gay sauna is gay owned and run offering 4 floors of steamy adventure to explore More
Kens Kens gay sauna is spacious, clean, comfortable and safe. There's something for everyone at Ken’s More

Sydney Gay Sauna Guide

A Guide to Saunas and Sex on Premises Venues.

Sydney City SteamKingsteam (38-42 Oxford St), located next to the Exchange Hotel, is a clean, comfortable place for release that's been around since 1974. It's the only sauna on queenly Oxford Street. Kingsteam gets a diverse crowd and features a small gym, sauna, spa, and steam room. Their "$10 Tight Arse Tuesdays" is hot.

With four floors of steamy adventure to explore, Bodyline (10 Taylor St) offers a large Romanesque Jacuzzi, a cedar-wood dry sauna, a maze, and myriad large cabins -- some with their own slings. A rooftop deck adds to outdoor pleasures. Drawing a crowd throughout the day, their night-club crowd is not to be scoffed at either!

The large, Sydney City Steam (357 Sussex St) sauna perched in Downtown/Chinatown is super busy. This clean, crisp place also affords pleasure on four levels but there's an elevator tucked within should one be stairs shy. Their lunch traffic draws many office-goers.

SaunaTucked discreetly inside the Kensington 'burb, Ken's At Kensington (83 Anzac Parade) is a legendary sauna spread out over two spacious levels. Facilities include steam room, sauna, spa, weights area and indoor pool. A DVD/TV/coffee/smoking lounge and chill out area complements the relaxation.

At Adult World (124-A Oxford St) you'll find state-of-the-art video booths with 15 movies to pick at any time. The backroom has booths, a sling room, a bondage room, a very engaging mirror room, as well as porn lounges.

Pleasure Chest (161 Oxford St, 56 Darlinghurst Rd, 705 George St, and 382 Pitt St) are adult stores that also aim to please.

Boyz on TopWith its four floors to explore, Headquarters (273 Crown St; is the biggest sex club around, open 24 hours. This fantasy play-world features a mineshaft, jail, SUK-station, a unique water sports space, sling rooms, glory holes and cruise areas, douche rooms, plus private rooms in addition to a video lounge and a coffee bar. Speedo parties, piss parties, naked sex parties are just some of their monthly events.

Signal (81 Oxford St) offers more than just lube 'n' condoms within its over 25 rooms, two movie lounges, douche facilities and a "hole lot more." Specials here include discounted entry on Mondays for those with members eight inches and bigger! Signal may be accessed via Toolshed and from the discreet entrance around the bend.

Urge (97 Oxford St) strikes hard on the ejaculation scene. Erotic goodies are vended here as well.

In the Newtown area, Newtown Basement (304 King St, or 6 Wilson St, should you want to enter from the rear) is an adult store that's in a delightful time warp.

While technically not a "sex on premises" venue, Knightcall (+61-2-9368-0511) offer boys by the hour -- anytime, anywhere, to your door. Delivery Boys Escorts (278 Cleveland St; +61-2-9699-6377) is a legit bordello with a "duty manager" on staff to greet you upon arrival. Take outs are available too.


Sydney Saunas

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